Our scanning app uses intelligent video capture and image processing algorithms in order help you scan and store document pages as a set of image files, or as a PDF document with one of the standard page sizes - Letter or A4. Supports misaligned scans taken from an angle to the document.

Once you've scanned a document you can adjust the captured image using multitouch-enabled editor allowing your to completely control what the resulting image will look like, otherwise you may just use the one produced by the app. When you're satisfied with the scanned page you can tap "Keep" and continue scanning, or for a quick scan and go workflow just tap "Share".

A tap on page counter presents a page editing screen where you can reorder (by utilizing long press and move) pages, rotate selected ones, or delete if you don't need them. While on page editing screen you can preview any page by double tapping on it and then rotate if needed using a pinch gesture.

The app automatically detects the document's page area and applies necessary adjustments if needed. If you are not satisfied with the result you can easily fine tune the scan area manually with just a few taps.

Once you're finished with the adjustment, tap apply and add the scanned page to the resulting set of pages by tapping "Keep".

Tap the shutter icon to continue scanning or save the result to your iCloud drive, image gallery, send to another app or just forward to friends or colleagues by tapping "Share" button.

Reorder scanned pages before you share them as images or a PDF document, by tapping on the page counter button. It gets you to the pages editing screen where you can reorder, rotate or delete scanned pages. Scroll through the pages and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Rotate the pages by selecting them with a single tap and then using the "Rotate"" button on the toolbar. Select all pages with a signle tap by using the "Select all" button if needed. Tap the pull handle in the middle of the toolbar or just grab it and swipe to the top to dismiss this screen and return to scanning.

Open page preview by double tapping the page item and rotate the page if needed using a pinch gesture. Dismiss the preview using a single tap or a pan gesture.

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