Alpha PDF iOS app allows you to manage, edit and sign PDF documents as well as create new ones either by adding them from external sources such as iCloud drive, or by creating them from images, scans or other supported media files. You can also add documents using the build-in document scanner, or by taking a photo or browsing the photo library. Instantly share the results with your friends or colleagues.

A quick summary of what you can do from within the app:
  • Organize your documents library with a few taps
  • Create PDF documents from images
  • Preview and share imported or created PDF documents
  • Sign PDF documents using a digital certificate¹ with custom visual template and add timestamp to this digital signature
  • Extract images from the PDF documents²
  • Add documents for processing using a built-in scanner
  • Edit document pages (arrange, rotate, delete) and save the result
  • Work with password-protected documents
  • Set password for PDF documents and encrypt them
  • Convert PDF documents to TIFF³
  • Import documents from other apps e.g. 3d-party mail clients

Your data gets securely stored on your device being encrypted by the iOS and never gets sent or stored anywhere without your permission.

¹ PKCS#12 certificate containers are supported, usually such files have .pfx or .p12 extension
² May not be possible for all PDF documents
³ CCIT4, and LZW compression algorithms are supported, conversion may not be possible for all PDF documents

A key element for storing your documents is package. Consider it as a folder where you'd put all your documents related to a specific matter e.g. math lectures, shopping receipts etc. Packages are organized into groups, which logically group related packages. You can move or copy items between the packages using a cut-copy-paste workflow.

You can merge packages if needed by selecting a few of them by tapping on their names (tapping on package icon navigates you to the package contents) and using the "Merge" option from the actions menu.

Import new documents from supported storages e.g. iCloud using the familiar UI, send them from other apps like Mail or Outlook supporting docs sharing, or use the built-in document scanner to scan the documents and convert them to PDF if needed.

You can also import documents by sending them from the Just scanner app. As an alternative just use the device's camera to take a picture or import one from the photo library.

Convert any imported images, such as ones imported from iCloud, photo albums, scans to PDF documents. Create single-page or multipage documents, choose destination page size, reorder or rotate if needed. Everything you need for a quick image to PDF conversion is at your disposal.

Once you get the PDF document created, you can preview it on your device, set password, convert to tiff, sign with a digital cerificate and share with friends or colleagues.

If you later need to change it, e.g. reorder or delete pages, just tap on it and use actions menu to pick the desired workflow.

Create visual signature templates and use them to customize the appearance of the digital signatures on a PDF page. You may have these visual representations added to a first, last or every page of a PDF document depending on your needs.

When adding a digital signature to document, just pick the desired template and you're done. It's also possible to timestamp the signature - add a certified time record, so that it would be impossible to tamper the date of signing as it'd become signed by the external authority (if you allow the app to connect to the timeserver).

Please also note that any PDF document can be signed without adding any visual representation of the attached signature. So once you don't need any, just select the cerificate to sign and proceed with signing.

Tap on a PDF document and access a wide range set of PDF processing features we have implemented for you. You can protect PDF document with a password (use left swipe on a document for a quick action), sign it (do a deep press for a quick action or right swipe), rearrange or rotate pages, extract image resources¹ present in PDF document, convert to several supported TIFF² with a high quality bitonal among them. Share the result or store for later use.

¹ May not be possible for all PDF documents
² CCIT4, and LZW compression algorithms are supported, conversion may not be possible for all PDF documents

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